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Reading List

Reading List


I'm a prolific article reader and I often make use of the Pocket bookmarking service to maintain a 'reading list' of articles I've read and tagged.

I find Pocket has the following benefits:

  • Easy to add URLs to my to-read list via browser extensions and the Android share dialogue.
  • Simple tagging system with a useful auto-complete for previously used tags
  • It avoids paywalls like a champion (frankly, often better than for-purpose browser extensions).


  • Pocket (Browser Extension/Android App/Pocket API)
  • AWS (DynamoDB/Lambda)
  • IFTTT (Automation)


The workflow of this system is as follows:

  1. An article is added to my reading list via the browser extension, app, or an RSS subscription.
  2. I read the article and add tags, and then Archive it.
  3. IFTTT generates an 'Article Archived' event and passes it in a POST request to a Lambda webhook.
  4. The Lambda formats and saves the event to DynamoDB, also creating a document for each of the article 'tags'