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I enjoy learning about and practicing the production of merchandise for several local community groups.

Apparel, mugs, and miscellanous products

I use:

  • A Heat press and sublimation printer setup
  • A Photon Mono 4k
  • An Ender 5 Pro
  • A badge press
  • A stack cutter

I'll upload some examples at some point, but largely my products depend on which sublimation blanks I've had access to bulk supplies of.

Presently, I'm making a lot of mugs.


I print and bind copies of public domain (and creative commons licensed) works to give away at a weekly local community event (and other mutual aid events when they arise).

For this I use: - A Brother LD2713W black and white laser printer - A stack cutter to slice the pages

There's several stages to producing the books:

  1. Selecting texts for consideration (depending on my existing catalogue, the existing popularity of the text, and my own appraisal of the quality of the text)
  2. Formatting the text for printing (this involves organising it to be printed in A5 or A6 format; this stage is quite slow as it involves a slow-read of the text to figure out where to introduce paragraph and page breaks)
  3. Printing the text block (depending on if the text has been formatted for A5 or A6, I may print 2 or 4 at the same time)
  4. Printing a cover for the books (typically using vectorised open license images) using thick card (If you have any advise for making/laminating paperback covers, please let me know!)
  5. Binding the covers using a high-force stapler, hot glue, and cloth tape (with post-treatment using a heatgun)
  6. Quality assurance for misprints, misaligned pages, or printing inconsistencies.

Personal Automations

Project Page

Project State: Released, under perpetual development.

Having a presence means generating data; every click is recorded, every pause while scrolling down a page, and every article we read.

These bits and fragments of data are used to profile us, to generate money off our attention, and to feed cyclic algorithms that try to engage us with near-limitless volumes of content.

The utility of this cycle is presented as gifting users ever-increasingly relevant and engaging content, however I believe that it represents a missed opportunity for users to derive benefits from this data themselves.

This project embodies two aims: - It contains a set of explorations into how a user can make use of the data generated from their presence on the internet. - It contains my automations tying together services that don't currently have linkages.

Video Frame Meme Generator

Project Page

Project State: Prototype complete, working on a demonstrable MVP. The prototype is based on several episodes of the hit television show Arrested Development.

The web service Frinkiac revolutionised the generation of memes based on the popular cartoon The Simpsons. Users can search for individual frames of the (currently) 703 episodes using lines of character dialogue. The service supports generating still-image or GIF memes with user-written text annotations.

Frinkiac is extremely popular, and under the hood has limited complexity (for example, the service is essentially static files with no persistence of user session state). If applied to other series or media, this sort of service could find wide use in meme communities for niche media.


Stand by.