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To-do List Automations

Current Automations


"Every Day" Tasks

A new set of tasks that I should perform every day are added automatically to my 'Today' board. These tasks include personal care tasks (such as Shower, Take morning medication, and Exercise).

Archiving the 'Done' list

All completed tasks will be automatically put into an 'archived' state at the end of each day. The outcomes of this are:

  • Completed tasks are essentially indexed by their presence on the Done board (so I can lookup which tasks were completed on which day).
  • The Done board is not cluttered with previously completed tasks.

Further improvements

Automatically pulling 'Today' tasks from my calendar (TRELLO/GOOGLE CALENDAR)

Ideally these tasks would be merged into a card with a Checklist (with a list item for each task)

Backfill work log into my calendar (TOGGL/GOOGLE CALENDAR)

Automatically creating events in my calendar for activities recorded in Toggl.